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Vascular surgery

We treat venous, arterial and lymphatic diseases

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Specialized in vascular medicine since 1994

About us

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We are skilled, experienced specialists when it comes to treating venous, arterial or lymphatic disorders. Our outpatient special practice for vascular surgery in the center of Augsburg has served patients since 1994.

Dr. med. habil. Pavlos Tsantilas, who has already worked at renowned institutions in Germany and abroad, heads the team of five specialists and around 15 employees at the Vascular Clinic.

Modern vascular surgery

Dr. med. Tsantilas, our senior medical doctor, is known as one of Germany’s most experienced physicians in the field of vascular medicine, with a record of excellence in both diagnostics and treatment. Gentle and modern procedures and high medical quality standards characterize our Vascular Clinic.

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Praxis, Arzt und Mitarbeiterin sind am Empfang und sehen auf den Computer

Modern practice

State-of-the-art: our Vascular Clinic in the Sheridan Medical Park Augsburg.

Versiertes Ärzteteam, Gefaessklinik Tsantilas, Portrait von Dr. med. habil. Pavlos Tsantilas und Dr. med. Dimitrios Tsantilas

Experienced medical team

39 years of experience and continuous training ensure the high medical quality of the Vascular Clinic.


Stationary and outpatient treatment

We focus on gentle procedures and minimally invasive treatment methods.

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Beratung, Arzt schaut Patientin an welche auf einen Bildschirm sieht

Patients in focus

Our philosophy: respectful and friendly interaction with all patients.

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