Vascular medicine

Modern vascular surgery in Augsburg

Dr. med. habil. Pavlos Tsantilas

For veins, arteries and lymphatic system

Individual vascular surgery

At our vascular clinic in Augsburg, we treat patients suffering from all kinds of vascular diseases (veins, arteries, lymphatic vessels), providing customized care of their individual symptoms and needs. As an ISO-certified special practice, we meet the most rigorous medical quality standards when treating circulatory disorders, dilated vessels, clogged arteries or blocked veins.

We use cutting-edge diagnostic methods, including ultrasound and modern circulatory measurements, to obtain a reliable diagnosis for every type of disease. Furthermore, we perform small surgeries right here in our practice in an outpatient setting.


Gefäßchirurgie Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Patient wird mit einem Ultraschallgerät am Bein untersucht

Venous Disorders

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Gefäßchirurgie Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Arzt untersucht liegende Patientin mit einem Ultraschallgerät

Arterial Diseases

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Gefaesschirurgie Tsantilas Person zeigt auf den Bildschirm eines Ultraschallgerätes

Lymphatic Vessel Diseases

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