What you need to know about our diagnostics

Diagnostik, Gefaessklinik Tsantilas, Mitarbeiterin untersucht Patientin mit einem Stethoskop

Accurate diagnostics in our special practice

All successful healing begins with an accurate diagnosis that takes into account all symptoms and interprets them correctly. In our special practice for vascular medicine in Augsburg, we work with high-end medical equipment allowing precise diagnosis of any type of vascular disease. For the benefit of our patients, we concentrate on gentle methods, such as ultrasound. Using different types of sonography is one of our special areas of expertise. Our philosophy is to offer patients the most gentle vascular medicine, which is why we refrain from using methods like X-ray as a diagnostic tool whenever possible.

Types of diagnoses

  • Ultrasound of blood vessels (color duplex sonography, Doppler ultrasound)
  • Venous measuring (phlebodynamometry, pethysmography, photodynamometry, light reflection rheography)
  • Angiography together with a balloon/stent
  • Biopsy (arteria temporalis, ulcus biopsy)
  • Risk stratification (risk of thrombosis, risk of stroke)
Diagnostik, Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Patientin liegt auf einer Liege und wird an den Beinen untersucht