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With heart and mind there for our patients

For more than 25 years, Vascular Clinic Dr. Tsantilas & Colleagues has been synonymous with excellence in diagnostics and treatment for patients suffering from vascular diseases. Our dedicated team of three physicians and 12 medical assistants treats patients in all areas of vascular diseases. Having performed more than 40,000 surgeries in his own practice to date, Dr. Tsantilas is known as one of the most experienced specialists in vascular medicine in Germany

The clinic has own operation rooms for small surgeries. In addition, Dr. Tsantilas serves as an attending doctor at Diakonissenkrankenhaus Augsburg.

The clinic was certified as DIN EN ISO-9001:2008 in 2009. Prior to that (September 2006 – September 2009), it was certified as DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Dr. Tsantilas is a certified practitioner of the Covidien ClosureFast technique, which he has applied more than 500 times, making him one of the most experienced practitioners using that method.

Excellent health care for our patients

People suffering from vascular diseases come to our clinic because we can help them as specialists. Our foremost goal is to make our patients feel welcome and to offer them the best medical and human care possible. To accomplish that goal, we constantly train our staff and ourselves and undergo regular evaluations, certifications, and quality management reviews for our practice.

Each of our staff members has specific responsibilities. We organize regular meetings to learn from each other and to constantly improve our procedures and workflow so that your experience at our practice can be as pleasant as possible. We allow plenty of time for individual consultations with each patient.

Dr. Tsantilas is one of Germany’s top physicians.
For the consecutive years since 2011, Dr. Tsantilas has been awarded the “top physician” designation by the renowned FOCUS Health magazine. He proudly shares this award with all his staff and thanks all patients for their ongoing trust.

Quality & satisfaction

The Professional Association of Phlebologists honors Dr. Pavlos Tsantilas for his expertise in endovenous procedures, sclerotherapy, and vein surgery.

Quality & satisfaction

Medicaltex certifies that the Vascular Clinic Dr. Tsantilas & Colleagues conducted 309 outpatient surgeries in 2022 with quality assurance under AQS1.

ISO 9001:2015

Zertric Certificate for Phlebological and Vascular Surgical Patient Care: Quality management system implemented and applied.

Venen Kompetenz-Zentrum a cooperation of the Professional Association of Phlebologists and the German Society for Phlebology.

Zufriedenheit unserer Patienten

Jameda lists Dr. Tsantilas among top 20 general surgery specialists in Augsburg.

Get to know your vascular surgeons

The medical team

Dr. med. habil. Pavlos Tsantilas

Dr. med. habil. Pavlos Tsantilas

Specialist in Vascular Surgery, Fellow of the European Board of Vascular Surgeons (FEBVS)

Dr. Pavlos Tsantilas is a specialist in vascular surgery. He covers the entire spectrum of modern vascular surgery and phlebology. He completed his training at the University Hospital Rechts der Isar with a stay abroad at the renowned Stanford University in the USA. In addition to his clinical training, he has done scientific research on the physiology of venous diseases and the development of arteriosclerosis. He is the author of numerous publications and regularly lectures at national and international congresses.

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Dr. med. Dimitrios Tsantilas

Dr. med. Dimitrios Tsantilas

Specialist in surgery, vascular surgery and phlebology

With Dr. Tsantilas as our head physician, you can be assured that one of Germany’s most experienced physicians in the field of vascular medicine is in charge of your treatment. Dr. Tsantilas is authorized by the Bavarian Medical Association to train in vascular surgery and phlebology and is an instructor in ultrasound diagnostics of the vascular system. He is also a member of the Commission for Ultrasound Diagnostics of the German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine.

Dr. med. Anette Grau

Dr. med. Anette Grau

Specialist in surgery and phlebology

Dr. Anette Grau is an experienced surgeon, specializing in the field of phlebology.

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Katja Fendler-Wollbold

Katja Fendler-Wollbold

Specialist in vascular surgery

Katja Fendler-Wollbold is a specialist in vascular surgery. She brings her expertise and experience as a senior physician in vascular surgery to the clinic.

Get to know the medical assistants

The clinical team

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Carina Kumpfmüller

Carina Lulei

Senior medical assistant, Quality management, Phlebology assistant

“We focus on quality management so that our patients can enjoy smooth procedures.”

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Katharina Asam

Katharina Asam

Medical assistant, Senior surgery assistant, Hygiene management

“I am the senior surgery assistant because I like to take care of patients in the OR.”

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Meike Jung

Meike Jung

Deputy senior medical assistant, Office management

“To me, it is important to take care of each patient individually.”

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Franziska Geldhauser

Franziska Geldhauser

Medical assistant, deputy surgery director

“Acting jointly for each other and thus for the benefit of our patients.”

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Claudia Kordsmeyer

Claudia Kordsmeyer

Medical assistant, surgery organization

“Offering support and taking away fear is as important to me as hygiene and competence.”

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Karin Stürzenbecher

Karin Stürzenbecher

Health care and nurse, logistics

"It's the encounters with people that make life worth living."

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Silke Mayr

Silke Mayr

Medical assistant

“Who starts the day with a smile has already succeeded.”

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Michelle Fastantz

Michelle Fastantz

Medical assistant

“I decided to become a medical assistant because I am passionate about the complexity of my profession and interacting with patients.”

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Nadja Hartinger

Nadja Hartinger

Medical assistant

"Behind every good doctor is an empathetic and informative medical assistant."

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Luise Winterholler

Luise Winterholler

Medical assistant

"Humor is the medicine that costs the least and helps the most."

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Jennifer Müller

Jennifer Müller

Medical assistant, Personnel

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success!"

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Caterina Dias Saraiva

Caterina Dias Saraiva

Medical assistant

"Health is the greatest wealth, love the most precious treasure, laughter the best medicine."

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Katrin Brinkmann

Katrin Brinkmann

Medical assistant

"The best way to do great work is to love what you do."

Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Melissa Clormann

Melissa Clormann

Medical assistant trainee

"Dealing with people on a daily basis and being able to help them is what I enjoy and find fulfilling."

Verónica Tsantilas

Administration & Management

“I love taking care of all administrative tasks for our patients and our staff.”

Sofia Tsantilas

Administration & Management

"Administrative support for our patients and our staff is the job I love doing.”

Sigrid Frickinger

MA, Administration Management

"With great joy, I strive to address the concerns of doctors, employees, and patients because through joy, a task may be better accomplished."