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Gefaessklinik Tsantilas Augsburg Dr. D. Tsantilas
Dr. Dimitrios Tsantilas

Specialist in surgery, vascular surgery and phlebology

With Dr. Tsantilas as our head physician, you can be assured that one of Germany’s most experienced physicians in the field of vascular medicine is in charge of your treatment. Dr. Tsantilas is authorized by the Bavarian Medical Association to train in vascular surgery and phlebology and is an instructor in ultrasound diagnostics of the vascular system. He is also a member of the Commission for Ultrasound Diagnostics of the German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine.


Dr. Pavlos Tsantilas
Dr. med. univ. Pavlos Tsantilas

Specialist in Vascular Surgery, Fellow of the European Board of Vascular Surgeons (FEBVS)

Dr. Pavlos Tsantilas is a specialist in vascular surgery. He covers the entire spectrum of modern vascular surgery and phlebology. He completed his training at the University Hospital Rechts der Isar with a stay abroad at the renowned Stanford University in the USA. In addition to his clinical training, he has done scientific research on the physiology of venous diseases and the development of arteriosclerosis. He is the author of numerous publications and regularly lectures at national and international congresses.

Gefaessklinik_Tsantilas_Augsburg Dr. A. Grau
Dr. Anette Grau

Specialist in surgery and phlebology

Dr. Anette Grau is an experienced surgeon, specializing in the field of phlebology.

Katja Fendler-Wollbold

Specialist in vascular surgery

Katja Fendler-Wollbold is a specialist in vascular surgery. She brings her expertise and experience as a senior physician in vascular surgery to the clinic.

Gefässklinik Tsantilas Augsburg Dr. F. Utz
Dr. Friedrich Utz

Specialist in surgery, vascular surgery, special trauma surgery and visceral surgery

Dr. Friedrich Utz is equipped with excellent surgical expertise and draws on over 40 years of experience in vascular medicine.

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